Foresight Groups

EARPA’s expertise lies in its Foresight Groups which aim at tackling pertinent research topics related to the main automotive R&D areas.

In EARPA’s Foresight Groups, EARPA member experts are actively discussing pertinent research topics and cover the main automotive R&D areas in which EARPA members are active. The groups develop positions as well as defining EARPA objectives and strategy in relevant R&D areas.

Objectives of the Foresight Groups

1. Identifying and advocating EARPA priorities:

  • Technology road mapping with special focus on EARPA needs and working areas
  • Compilation and structuring of mid-/long-term RTD needs and outlook
  • Creation of EARPA roadmaps and position papers
  • Collection of input for EC research work programmes
  • Exchange of information and views with EC and related associations as well as other stakeholders

2. Scouting of future opportunities for EARPA members:

  • Sharing information on relevant developments within the group’s thematic scope among members (EU events, activities of corresponding working groups in other associations etc.)
  • Identification of particular funding programmes/opportunities on EC level (and joint MS-level) as input to the Collaborative Research Groups

EARPA has the following Foresight Groups:

Connectivity, automation and safety

With the ambition of contributing to a European road transport system without victims, it identifies and promotes R&I needs as well as future opportunities in the areas of automation, connectivity and safety for all road users.

Powertrains and Energy Systems

Supports the continuous development and integration of clean and efficient electrified powertrains as well as powertrains working on alternative fuels with a holistic view on the EU energy system.

Integrated Product and Process Development

Focuses on a broad variety of aspects regarding product and process development, such as Materials, Manufacturing and Design tools.

Mobility of people and goods (MPG)

Deals with the overall aspects, such as implementation and business models, of the mobility of people and goods in our future society, based on the technological developments in other EARPA groups.

Collaboration and Project Management

Expert group for collaboration and European RDI project management, rules for participation, legal and financial issues.

How to get involved in the Foresight Groups?

Only EARPA Members can take part in the Foresight Groups? If you would like to take part, then become an EARPA Member.

How They Are Managed?

Each Foresight Group is run by a dedicated Speaker and a Secretary and has an assigned member of the EARPA Board for direct feedback to and from the Board. In addition, each Foresight Group has up to 5 technology experts. These experts amongst others support the moderation of the meetings, represent EARPA in external stakeholder groups or chair operative task teams or Collaborative Research Groups. All EAPRA members are welcome to join Foresight Groups as participants.

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