Collaborative Research Groups

These groups facilitate cooperation between its members and support the creation of EU proposals.

One of the main purposes of EARPA is to facilitate cooperation between its members and support the creation of EU proposals.

Our Collaborative Research Groups do this, in providing a platform for our members to initiate new networks and build consortia with calls related to funding opportunities such as the Horizon Europe work programme.

EARPA can help your organisation navigate and get access to the latest information and updates related to these Horizon Europe calls.

EARPA Members come together to discuss collaboration opportunities for calls related to funded research and innovation programmes such as Horizon Europe. Learn how the groups function and how to join below.

How our Collaborative Research Groups function?

The Collaborative Research Groups are selected/confirmed by the EAPRA Board prior to the Spring / Autumn Meetings according to the current H2020 / Horizon Europe work programme and other applicable funding programmes.

Each Collaborative Research Groups is coordinated by a Moderator selected amongst the experts of the Foresight Groups. Within these groups EARPA members can promote their project idea to find (EARPA) partners to join a proposal and define an EARPA Champion that will lead the discussions within EARPA and with other potential consortium partners.

The moderators are selected out of the technology experts assigned to the Foresight Groups by the EARPA President. The open calls to be discussed within each Collaborative Research Groups are distributed by the moderator via the Secretariat.

In 2019 and partly as well in 2020, CRGs on GV, MG, FoF, ICT, ECSEL, ART, LC BAT, NMBP and Marie Curie were organised. As the new HEU framework programme evolves, we will adapt these sessions accordingly.

How to get involved in our Collaborative Research Groups?

Only EARPA Members can take part in the Collaborative Research Groups? If you would like to take part, then become an EARPA Member.

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