Project Efficient and affordable Zero Emission logistics through the Next generation of Electric TRUCKs

The EU intends to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050. In this context, the European Commission supports projects that introduce electric vehicles into the transportation sector. NextETRUCK provides a sustainable solution to bring zero-emission electric medium freight haulage, playing a pioneering role in the decarbonisation of vehicle fleets and accelerating sustainable market replenishment.

NextETRUCK seeks to:

  • Build concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage with at least a 10% increase in energy efficiency compared to existing highest-end benchmark electric vehicles.
  • Develop new fleet management tools and charging infrastructure to reach full electrification in the operation of zero-emission vehicles, safeguarding energy efficiency
  • Prepare concept and infrastructure demonstrators for fast charging.
  • Offer new business models to increase end-user acceptance and foster the market uptake of the project solutions.
  • Contribute to climate goals, particularly on local air quality.