Project Development of advanced next-generation solid-state batteries for electromobility applications

HELENA proposes a disruptive technology to design batteries with an optimized performance at high currents and stable cycling that will allow the adoption of these batteries in electric vehicles and, especially, in airplanes.

Halide solid state batteries for ELectric vEhicles aNd Aircrafts (HELENA) responds to the need of the development of a safe, novel high energy efficiency and power density solid state battery (4b generation batteries) cells, based on high-capacity Ni- rich cathode (NMC), high-energy Li metal (LiM) anode and Li-ion superionic halide solid electrolyte for application in electric vehicles and, especially in aircrafts.

HELENA will support Europe, in this sense, on its transition towards a climate-neutral continent since electric aviation is poised to take off within the next 5 to 10 years.