Project Development of advanced next-generation solid-state batteries for electromobility applications

The ADVAGEN project will do so by developing a novel lithium metal (LiM) battery cell technology based on high performing hybrid solid-state electrolyte (oxide-sulfide based), which will be safer and more reliable.
Therefore, the aim is to gain a technological advantage over the current world market, especially Asian competition. Hence, sustainably strengthening the EU as a technological and manufacturing leader in batteries as specified in the ERTRAC electrification roadmap and SET-Plan Action Point-7.

The main objective of ADVAGEN is to develop, manufacture and validate the most performant, stable, and safe 10Ah solid-state pouch cells by developing novel materials for each of the parts that constitute a battery (i.e., the electrolyte, anode and cathode). In particular, an innovative hybrid oxide-sulfide ceramic electrolyte to be integrated with a lithium metal anode and a high Ni-rich content-based cathode.

Given that the ADVAGEN consortium covers the full battery value chain, it is in an excellent position to successfully conceive significant battery developments, as well as to adequately produce and test these results in a small scale and ramp up to production to find a use case in the EV industry. Moreover, the recycling process developed for the ADVAGEN solid-state batteries will develop a circular economy.