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The University of Ljubljana ranks among the biggest universities with more than 56.000 undergraduate and post-graduate students and approximately 6.000 employees. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, being EARPA members, are research driven faculties. Research work at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which employs approximately 300 researchers, is divided in 9 major fields: electrical energy, mechatronics, electronics, microelectronics, bio-cybernetics and biomedicine, measuring systems, automation and cybernetics, robotics and telecommunications. Research work at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which employs more than 300 researchers, is divided in 7 major fields: power and process engineering, design, engine mechanics and maintenance, production engineering, mechatronics, micromechanical systems, and automation.

Research activities associated with the EARPA’s Task Forces cover:

Hybrid Powertrains and Alternative Fuels: Combustion, Alternative Fuels, Air Management and Supercharging, Thermal Management, Prototyping and Testing including PEMS. EV Systems and Components: Basic Research on E-machines, Detailed performance and degradation modelling of batteries and fuel cells, Prototyping and Development of Integrated Solutions, Development of Control strategies, Thermal Management of E-components, Testing and Diagnostics, Basic research on vibration&noise&vibration fatigue optimisation. Methods and Tools for Virtual Development and Validation: Development of predictive system level and detailed simulation models for ICEs, EMs, batteries, fuel cells, VTMS and thus of the complete conventional, hybrid and electric powertrains, virtual vibration fatigue, electromagnetic and magnetostrictive vibration excitation modelling/experiment, multi-domain and multi-physics dynamics (e.g. battery-starter-engine) Noise, Vibration & Harshness: acoustic testing, vibration fatigue and lightweight structures, vibroacoustic of electric motors, vibration transmission through bearings

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

The University of Ljubljana is very active in international research and education programs. It cooperated in 117 FP6 and 110 FP7 projects (in several of them as coordinator), it also cooperates in many H2020 projects and in many other research, development and educational projects financed by European Union (TEMPUS, ERASMUS, ETN Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, DAPHNE, SafeInternet, eLearning, eTEN, Lifelong Learning Program and many more). In the field of transport, the University of Ljubljana is involved in the following projects:

Straightsol - Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions CIVITAS ELAN - Mobilising citizens for vital cities in the EU 2020 INTERFACE - Nanoscale tailoring of tribological interfaces for clean and energy efficient diesel and gasoline power trains FluMaBack - Fluid management component improvement for back up fuel cell systems Asterics - Ageing and efficiency Simulation & TEsting under Real world conditions for Innovative electric vehicle Components and Systems Obelics - Optimization of scalable real-time models and functional testing for e-drive concepts Drivemode – Integrated Modular Distributed Drivetrain for Electric & Hibrid Vehicles