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The Netherlands

Mr. Martijn Stamm

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TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations. This is how we strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the welfare of society in a sustainable way. As an independent research organisation, we are the driving force behind innovation. We make knowledge serve the common good. Our focus is on contributing to solutions for 4 societal challenges:

Safe and secure society Healthy society Sustainable society Digital society We link these four societal challenges to strengthening the earning power of the Dutch economy. We also have and maintain an excellent knowledge base for all our work, especially the national advisory function and statutory duties.

In order to maximise our contribution to the societal challenges, we focus our research and innovation on:

Developing system solutions Creating innovation ecosystems Achieving technological breakthroughs Dynamic innovation

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

TNO is an active partner in many European projects.

NextETRUCK: Efficient and affordable zero emission logistics through next generation electric trucks

LENS: L-vehicles emissions and noise mitigation solutions

VERA: Vehicle Emission Retrofit Activities

SUNRISE: Safety assurance framework for connected, automated mobility systems

FAME: Framework for coordination of Automated Mobility in Europe

MODI: A leap towards SAE L4 automated driving features

AWARE2ALL: Safety systems and human-machine interfaces oriented to diverse population towards future scenarios with increasing share of highly automated vehicles

AITHENA: AI-based CCAM: Trustworthy, Explainable, and Accountable

V4SAFETY: Vehicles and VRU virtual evaluation of road safety

ZEFES: Zero-emissions freight ecosystem