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StatInf has officially started within Inria, a public founded research laboratory in France. After the publication of several scientific papers, and collaborations between Inria and industrial partners through European projects, StatInf proposes a prototype tool guaranteeing the timing safety of safety critical systems by combining Mathematics (statistics) and Computer Science (embedded systems). The creation of the start-up has been motivated by requests from industrial partners seeking for a commercial version of the prototype tool created within Inria Paris by the two founders: Dr. Adriana Gogonel and Dr. Liliana Cucu-Grosjean.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

As a company, we have never had the opportunity to work in EU projects for the automotive industry, while our technology has been obtained as a result of past EU project like ITEA2 Timmo-2-Use (automotive) or FP7 PROARTIS and H2020 PROXIMA (aerospace). Our results are, currently, matured thanks to automotive projects led by Easymile (FR PSPC STARTREC and FR PL Mach2). Key StatInf people have important experience with European projects, listed as follows. ● PROARTIS, FP7 grant 249100: The Proartis project is the primary project developing statistical and probabilistic temporal analysis to enhance safety. It represents the first shift of paradigm compared to previous outdated methods. Dr. Liliana Cucu-Grosjean has been WP leader and INRIA PI. ● PROXIMA, H2020 grant 611085: The main objective of Proxima is to develop new technologies to analyze the temporal behavior of critical real-time embedded systems by defining new hardware and software paradigms toward probabilistic methods. Dr. Liliana Cucu-Grosjean has been WP leader and INRIA PI. Dr. Adriana Gogonel has participated on behalf of Inria. ● Timmo-2-Use, ITEA 2 grant 09033: It addresses a significantly increased automation for more predictable development cycles in order to substantially reduce development risks and time-to-market. To increase reliability, safety, robustness, fault tolerance by a much higher degree. Dr. Liliana Cucu-Grosjean has been WP leader and INRIA PI. ● TeamPlay, H2020 grant 779882: This project aims to place Energy, Time and Security as first-class citizen in the design of safety-critical embedded systems by developing formally-motivated techniques. Dr Benjamin Rouxel has participated on behalf of the University of Asmterdam as