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The Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI) is nested at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and is a leader in electromobility and socio-economic evaluations for sustainable mobility and logistics.

The multidisciplinary team of 70 specialists addresses the challenges that the transport value chain faces, by integrating engineering, economic, social and environmental sciences and policy issues. The strength of MOBI resides in proposing a unique combination of socio-economical, environmental & technical competencies, together with tools specifically developed for the sustainable transport sector.

From a technological perspective, the centre has a leading position in electromobility, thanks to its experience of over 40 years in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles R&D. The centre possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure and models for the testing, development and design of components - batteries, supercapacitors, power converters -, vehicle power trains, and inductive and conductive charging infrastructure. Simulation techniques have been developed to define energy-efficient and low-emission power control strategies in hybrid propulsion systems. It offers a unique LCA methodology for the entire automotive sector to analyse the environmental, economic and societal impacts caused by the development and implementation of new vehicle technologies, components, materials and policy measures. MOBI has an international reputation in the field of electric vehicles standardization. A large database with real-life measurements has been created over the years for technical, economic and environmental assessments.

The research group develops also socio-economic evaluations methods. The MAMCA© decision-making model enables the simultaneous evaluation of alternatives while explicitly including different stakeholders’ opinions at an early stage. The External Cost Calculator translates the externalities of transport imposed on society into monetary terms. MOBI also studies the transport users behaviors and recommends how to overcome the barriers to adoption by the citizens of new sustainable solutions and technologies.

MOBI has an extended network of international academic, industrial and local authority contacts. MOBI works closely together with different international scientific associations, including AVERE (www.avere.org), CITELEC (www.citelec.org) and EPE (www.epe-association.org).

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities


HyHEELS - Hybrid High Energy Electrical Storage TRALOTRA - Development, diffusion and application of professional innovative Training tools in Logistics and Transport through territorial Agencies in order to improve intermodal transport, based on European best practices ELVIRE - ELectric Vehicle communication to Infrastructure, Road services and Electricity supply SAFEDRIVE - A platform power management system and low voltage drive train for hybrid electric vehicles STRAIGHTSOL - Strategies and measures for smarter urban freight solutions SUPERLIB - Smart battery control system based on a charge-equilization circuit for an advanced duel-cell battery for electric vehicles OPERA4FEV - Operating rack for full-electric vehicle SMART EV-VC - Smart Electric Vehicle Value Chains. UNPLUGGED - Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles RESKILLS - Assessment of Life-cycle skills and training needs in the renewable and energy efficiency sectors: the cases of the wind energy and electric mobility and smart grid sectors GO4SEM - Global Opportunities for SMEs in Electro-Mobility SYRNEMO - Synchronous Reluctance Next Generation Efficient Motors for Electric Vehicles BATTERIES2020 - Towards realistic European competitive automotive batteries COST542 - High performance energy storages for mobile and stationary applications EMOVO - Multidisciplinary training and research center for energy and environmental technology TWIN-HUB - ITN- Intermodal Rail Freight Twin Hub Network EEO: European Electromobility Observatory EV-CONNECT - European interconnected charging networks based on market demands NISTO - New Integrated Smart urban sustainable mobility Options COST - Transport Equity Analysis COST - Social Networks and Travel Behaviour CITYLAB - City Logistics in Living Laboratories FIVEVB - Five Volt Battery ELIPTIC - Electrification of public transport in cities

The group possesses considerable expertise in the scientific and operational management of multi-partner research projects, and is currently a scientific partner in twelve European projects. It has a unique position to address the EU roadmapping activities.