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Founded, as Bavaria’s first university with a papal concession in 1472, the LMU has been known for decades for its excellent science. LMU Munich is the leading teaching and research university in Germany, ranking 1st in Germany in the latest Times Higher Education World University Ranking. LMU Munich is a large beneficiary of the German excellence initiative and has hosted more than 85 ERC grants. In FP7 LMU Munich participated in 21 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks and coordinated 4 of them. In Horizon 2020 LMU has already been awarded 21 European Training Networks, of which 3 are coordinated by LMU researchers/scientists. Finally, LMU Munich currently offers more than 35 structured doctoral programs in a broad range of disciplines.

The Institute of Legal Medicine is part of the medical faculty, its Biomechanics and Accident Analysis Group deals with the detailed investigation of traffic accidents, their analysis as well as biomechanical backgrounds and the simulation of injury mechanisms. The primary field of application is the safety of road users, but this is extending to all neighbouring scenarios such as falls and violence. Eleven scientists from Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Computer Science, Ergonomics and Biology contribute to in-depth crash studies and injury analysis, data analysis using epidemiology methods and studies examining the impact of anthropometry variations on road user injury risks. The department has a pronounced expertise in investigation of possible impact scenarios and related injury mechanisms using numerical human body models and is able to analyse and evaluate potential hazards for all kinds of road users. Head

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities



- OSCCAR (Future occupant safety for crashes in cars): Development of future advanced occupant protection systems using integrated approach - PIONEERS (Protective innovations of new equipment for enhanced rider safety): To improve the performance of safety systems (Personal Protective Equipment and on-board systems), to develop better test and assessment methods for PTW users


- SENIORS (Safety enhancing innovations for older road users):To improve the safe mobility of the elderly using an integrated approach - MOTORIST (Motorcycle Rider Integrated safety; Marie-Curie-Actions): Safety systems - PISa: Development and Implementation of reliable and fail-safe integrated safety systems - MyMOSA: Safety systems - APROSYS: Scientific and technology development of critical technologies improving passive safety for road users in all relevant accident types and accident severities