Aldo Ofenheimer



i2m Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH is a research-based technology development and innovation consulting company and was founded in 2014 in Graz, Austria.

i2m focuses on helping its clients grow through strategy, innovation & technology, be it through i2m's own developed technologies and products or through strategy and innovation consulting provided in cooperation with the world-renowned Cambridge University (UK). The name "i2m" - innovation to market - embodies what the company is all about: developing innovations until they are a market success.

i2m is active in two business areas: on the one hand as an engineering company in product and technology development (also own products/ solutions, e.g., "High Performance Latent Heat Storage" for automotive applications, system simulation tool for components sizing in early development stage), on the other hand as a management consultancy focusing on strategy, technology, and innovation management.

With a team of engineers and experts in strategy development, as well as technology and innovation management, i2m offers a holistic approach to its clients, who are active in technology-intensive industries in Europe (mobility, industrial goods, energy, pharmaceuticals & chemicals).

The i2m team has already grown to 8 employees. The company is owned by the three founders Dr. Peter Dietmaier (26%), Dr. Aldo Ofenheimer (24%) and Mag. Ferdinand Rieser (26%) as well as Dr. Alric Ofenheimer (24%). Recently, Dr Aldo Ofenheimer joined i2m full-time in April 2023, after a very successful career of more than 15 years in the automotive industry within Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH (AT) with a focus on research, development & innovation.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

Portfolio of services and offerings

i2m portfolio of engineering services: • Technology scouting and benchmarking • Development of mathematical models and numerical simulations • Concept development and rapid prototyping of innovative products & services • Support for market introduction • Research and development

In addition to these engineering services, selected complementary strategy & innovation management services are also offered (e.g., technology strategy development, technology road mapping).

Core competences and company mission

i2m's core competences in the business area of technology development include in particular: • holistic understanding of technologies, processes, products and their potential Data analysis, modelling and simulation • Development expertise for innovative products and services • Cross-industry know-how (technologies, partners, market)