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CIDETEC is a private organisation for applied research founded in 1997 that seeks to contribute value to companies by harnessing, generating, and transferring technological knowledge. CIDETEC is comprised of three International Technological Reference Institutes in Energy Storage, Surface Engineering and Nanomedicine:

CIDETEC Energy Storage: Specialised in creating new battery technology and facilitating its transfer to industry. Our research activity covers from exploratory, low TRL new battery technologies and concepts up to high TRL product development for direct transference to the industry, near-ready for commercialization. Our Technological Offer comprises: 1) Battery Materials and Technologies, 2) Pilot Plant Battery Manufacturing; 3) Module and Pack Engineering, 4) Energy Storage Solutions, 5) Battery Testing and characterization and 6) Modelling & Simulation.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering: Focused on the development of surfaces and materials and their application methods on different type of substrates (metals, polymers, and composites), mainly for automotive, energy, and aerospace sectors. This is possible through the application of different solutions, such as innovative high-performance and multifunctional coating systems (e.g. omniphobic and REACH compliant coatings) and break-through materials (e.g. reprocessable, recyclable and repairable resins and composites based on proprietary tech).

Both CIDETEC Institutes provide services and develop R&I projects using top-of-the-line equipment, including a pilot plant for integrated battery manufacture; first class equipment and specific installations for testing and characterization, equipment to synthesise, characterise and process polymers and advanced composites and 4.000 m2 laboratories and pilot plants completely equipped for surface study, characterisation and treatments.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

BATSS - Safe efficient BATtery SyStem based on advanced cell technology

BATTERY2LIFE - BATTERY management system and system design for stationary energy storage with 2nd LIFE batteries

InnoBMS - Situationally aware innovative wireless battery management system for next generation vehicles

NextETRUCK – Efficient and affordable Zero Emission logistics through NEXT generation Electric TRUCKs

EMPOWER – Eco-operated, Modular, highly efficient, and flexible multi-POWERtrain for long-haul heavy-duty vehicles

Nickeffect – Ni-based ferromagnetic coatings with enhanced efficiency to replace pt in energy & digital storage applications

MAT3RBoost – Maturing the production standards of ultraporous structures for high density hydrogen storage bank