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Ceit is a private multidisciplinary non-profit RTO, part of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Spain), with a staff of more than 250 employees and 40 PhD students, and an annual budget over 22 M€.

Our missions are to provide industry with services through the development of technical research projects and to promote the dissemination of knowledge through the training of young researchers, PhD students and scientific publications.

Regarding our first mission, more than 100 research projects between TRL4 and TRL7 are carried out at Ceit per year. Ceit has been involved in 15 FP6 projects (coordinator in 2), 34 FP7 projects (coordinator in 10), 45 H2020 projects acting as coordinator in 12 of them and it's currently involved in 12 Horizon Europe projects (coordinator in 4 of them). Moreover, Ceit participates in 3 LIFE projects, one ECHORD++ instrument and is the coordinator of 1 INTERREG SUDOE CircRural 4.0. Finally, Ceit has also coordinated 1 CIP ECOINNOVATION project and has also participated in 18 Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) projects, having the role of coordinator in 2 of them. Ceit takes part in EIT manufacturing through Manufacturing Alliance AIE.

In terms of our second mission, in the last 5 years, Ceit has produced more than 150 PhD theses, published 100 papers in scientific journals, and participated in 80 international conferences.

Since 1996 Ceit has created 17 technology-based spin-offs, which currently employ more than 300 people. Five of these have been purchased by companies which are listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, the Madrid Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange.

The organizational structure of Ceit organizes its expertise and capacities in a way that allows the major challenges in the industry to be addressed from a more advantageous position: • Materials and Manufacturing Division at Ceit offers solutions to transform industry challenges into value. The assets of the Division rely on an integrated structure based on the Industry 4.0 holistic approach. • Transport and Energy Division is focused on four main areas; railway transportation, aircraft transportation and road transportation • Water&Health Division at CEIT is funded in three main pillars (urban and industrial water control and monitoring systems, design, fabrication and testing of biomedical devices and biosensors) • ICT division focuses its research in the design of monitoring devices and communications systems

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

NEOHIRE-720838 (H2020-NMBP-2016-2017);

LASER4SURF - 768636 (H2020-FOF-2017);

AIOSAT – 776425 (H2020-GALILEO-GSA-2017-1);

SIMFAL - 737881 (H2020-CS2-CFP03-2016-01)

SIA - 776402 (H2020-GALILEO-2017),

HUC-821044 (H2020-CS2-CFP07-2017-02),

DIGESTAIR-832012 (H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01)

ADDIMOT-865206 (H2020-CS2-CFP09-2018-02),

WATEREYE-851207 (H2020-LC-SC3-2018-2019-2020)

ASSASSIN-886977 (H2020-CS2-CFP10-2019-01)

MODEL2BIO-887191 (H2020-BBI-JTI-2019) and HIVOMOT-101008067 (H2020-CS2-CFP11-2020-01)

CHEAPREMAG-22122 (EIT Manufacturing 2022 KAVA 22122)


SUSAAN-101057988 (HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-20)


SUREWAVE - 101083342 (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-03)


HyInHeat – 101091456 (HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01)


MOMA-FLEX-23166 (EIT Manufacturing 1st Call for Proposals 2023)

NDT INSPECTION-23133 (EIT Manufacturing 1st Call for Proposals 2023), SI-SHIFT-101112518 (RFCS-2022) and WILLOW- 101122184 (HORIZON-CL5-2022-D3-03)