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Imane Worighi



Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies (BRING) is a nonprofit organization for the development of green and sustainable technologies and solutions. BRING is involved in research and development of various rechargeable energy storage systems and energy technologies for Lightweight and Heavy-duty vehicles, electric vessels and utility scales. BRING offers the following services:

• R&D center activities: Reliable and fast-growing R&D center with an ecosystem of more than 65 partners. • Next generation battery for e-mobility and stationary applications: Development of next-generation battery systems supported by multi-scale mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence solutions. • Next generation battery for maritime/waterborne sector: Cutting edge center for e-mobility on maritime / waterborne sector. • Different research areas: Different research areas in the field of green technologies such as fuel cells, lightweight materials, hydrogen storage, automated vehicles, and drones.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

At Bring, we are continuously working on multi-companies projects that improve battery technologies and sustainability. BRING offer services to companies and industries and collaborate with universities in the field of green technologies. BRING is also involved in EU projects such as:

• Escalate project: Heavy-duty vehicles account for about 25% of EU road transport CO2 emissions and about 6% of total EU emissions. In line with the Paris Agreement and Green Deal targets, Regulation (EU) 2019/1242 setting CO2 emission standards for HDVs (from August 14, 2019) forces the transition to a seamless integration of zero-emission vehicles into fleets. In line with the European 2050 goals, ESCALATE aims to demonstrate high-efficiency zHDV powertrains (up to 10% increase) for long-haul applications that will provide a range of 800km without refueling/recharging and cover at least 500 km average daily operation (6+ months) in real conditions. BRING is leading the powertrain and battery system development WP and is responsible in ECSALATE project for the design, prototyping, testing and simulation tools for two OEMs (heavy-duty vehicles) with the objectives of extending the range and improving battery performance, considering sustainability and safety constraints.

• LIBERTY project: LIBERTY’s overall target is upgrading EV battery performance, safety and lifetime from a lifecycle and sustainability point of view. The key objectives of LIBERTY are to achieve a range of at least 500 km on a fully charged battery pack, halved charging times, an ultimate safe battery system, a long battery lifetime of over 300,000 km for first life, the ability to reuse the battery pack for second life applications and sustainability over the battery pack’s entire life cycle. BRING is WP leader in LIBERTY project, leading the battery system design. In this regard, BRING has designed a conceptual design of the battery system, performed the test activities, and has developed predictive maintenance coupled with a cloud platform for BMS troubleshooting