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Applus+ IDIADA, as a global partner to the automotive industry worldwide, supports its clients in their product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

With over 30 years of experience, Applus+ IDIADA provides an extensive range of engineering and testing services in the fields of passive and active safety, CAV & ADAS, electronics, powertrain, comfort and reliability. The company’s expertise and wide capabilities in both physical and virtual testing result in maximum cost and time efficiency.

Its engineering solutions are driven by the ongoing pursuit of excellence and research in the best technology.

A large team of more than 3.100 professionals as well as an international network of 56 subsidiaries and branch offices in 22 countries ensure clients are given agile customized services.

To keep meeting the challenges of sustainable mobility, the company is continually investing in new capabilities, mainly for the development of connected and automated vehicles and new powertrain technologies.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

SUNRISE: Safety assurance framework for connected, automated mobIlity systems

PoDIUM: PDI connectivity and cooperation enablers building trust and sustainability for CCAM

SALIENT: Novel concepts for safer, lighter, circular and smarter vehicle structure design for enhanced crashworthiness and higher compatibility

XL-Connect: Large scale system approach for advanced charging solutions

LENS: L-vehicles emissions and noise mitigation solutions

GAP_Noise: Global acoustic interaction and psychoacoustic impact of the autonomous vehicles in interior and exterior noise

FAME: Framework for coordination of automated mobility in Europe

EBRT2030: European bus rapid transit of 2030: electrified, automated, connected

TANGO: Digital technologies acting as a gatekeeper to information and data flows

AIthena: AI-based CCAM: trustworthy, explainable, and accountable

SELFY: Self assessment, protection & healing tools for a trustworthy and resilient CCAM

TRANS-SAFE: Transforming road safety in Africa

TARGET-X: Trial platform for 5G evolution – Cross-industry on large scale

VERA: Vehicle emission retrofit activities

V4SAFETY: Vehicles and VRU virtual evaluation of road safety

ZEFES: Zero emission flexible vehicle platforms with modular powertrains serving the long-haul freight eco system