Having trouble accessing the EARPA Members Area or need access to it?

  1. If you have never accessed the EARPA Members Area, please register on this webpage – https://www.earpa.eu/register/.
  2. Enter your email, select your organisation from the dropdown and create a password (see visual below).
  3. The EARPA Secretariat will then have to accept you on the backend of the system to give you access to the members area (you will not get immediate access). The Secretariat will check the new user requests on a daily basis. If you have any issues, please contact d.twomey@earpa.eu
  4. If you forget your password to enter the members area, click Forgot Password on this webpage.

How to join EARPA’s Foresight Group mailing lists?

  1. To receive emails from EARPA’s Foresight Groups, log into the Members Area.
  2. Each EARPA Foresight Group has their own mailing list, if you want to join a certain group navigate to the Foresight Group section of the Members Area.
  3. Select the Foresight Group you want to join, then scroll down the page and click the button which says ”Join this Group.”
  4. Once you join the group your email address will then be entered into the Foresight Group’s database.