February 13, 2024

Fantastic contributions from EARPA Members at the RTR Conference

Brussels, 13 February 2024 

The European Automotive Research Partners Association (EARPA) was well represented at the RTR Conference (Results from road transport research) in Brussels last week (5 -7 February 2024). The 2024 edition of the event had 76 projects presentations which gathered 735 participants. 

The RTR Conference is a renowned platform for discussing cutting-edge developments in road transport research. The event had a remarkable turnout of EARPA members, which demonstrated EARPA’s leading role in shaping the future of the automotive industry. 

In many of the sessions at the event, EARPA members played pivotal roles, either moderating sessions or presenting their latest innovative results in road transport from Horizon 2020. 

Projects such as NEMO, HiPE, 3BELIEVE, SELFY and the LENS project are just some of the projects presented during the event, which include a high proportion of EARPA members in the different consortia. 

Simon Edwards (Ricardo) delivered both the opening and closing speeches at the event, while the following Members had other speaking/moderating opportunities: Christof Schernus (EARPA President) , Roland Uerlich (RWTH Ika), Anna Larsson (RISE), Burak Dermenci (VUB), and Leonidas Ntziachristos (LAT), Bert Pluymers (KU Leuven), Magnus Granström (SAFER), Thilo Bein (Fraunhofer) and Margriet van Schijndel (TUe Eindhoven), Peter Urban (RWTH Ika), Bernard Brandstätter (Virtual Vehicle) and Oihana Otaegui (Vicomtech). 

EARPA’s significant presence at the RTR Conference highlights the exceptional quality of our members and their pivotal role in advancing automotive research. 

We are immensely proud of our members’ contributions and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation. 

For more information about EARPA and its members, please see here.


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