November 20, 2023

EARPA members develop cybersecurity to protect connected systems

The European SELFY project is to develop a self-assessment and self-protection toolbox to enhance the security and resilience of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) systems against potential cyber-attacks and malicious actions.

This is at a time when around 50 million connected and automated cars are expected to be on the road in Europe by 2026. Learn more about the project here.

The SELFY project consortium is willing to address the kind of data to be generated, gathered, and monitored; advanced data processing to identify potential threats; developing new tools to add to the ability to adapt and cope with cyber threats by lessening their impact, and uptake and deployment of services and solutions in this field. SELFY tools are to ensure privacy, confidentiality, and integrity, as well as improve accessibility, in the collaborative CCAM environment.

The solutions developed by the project will first be validated with simulation and in a lab. Three scenarios will then be built in real and controlled environments to demonstrate the toolbox’s performance and usefulness in a collaborative and cooperative environment.

The SELFY project consortium is led by Eurecat and made up of partners from eight countries, including seven EARPA members: TecnaliaApplus IdiadaCEATechnische Hochschule IngolstadtVirtual VehicleEindoven University of Technology and FEV.

Learn more about the project through this video:
SELFY – Self assessment, protection & healing tools for a trustworthy and resilient CCAM – YouTube


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