EARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners AssociationEARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners Association
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Collaborative Research Groups

One of the main purposes of EARPA is to facilitate cooperation between its members and support the creation of EU proposals. We encourage all members to come up with initiatives for proposal writing. The Collaborative Research Groups are the main instrument to help elaborate EU projects within EARPA. They are flexible and formed based on the currently available work programmes from the EC and may change with the evolvement of those. Each CRG is coordinated by a CRG Moderator selected amongst the experts of the Foresight Groups. Within these groups EARPA members can promote their project idea to find (EARPA) partners to join a proposal and define an EARPA Champion that will lead the discussions within EARPA and with other potential consortium partners. 

In 2019 and partly as well in 2020, CRGs on GV, MG, FoF, ICT, ECSEL, ART, LC BAT, NMBP and Marie Curie were organized. As the new HEU framework programme evolves, we will adapt these sessions accordingly.