EARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners AssociationEARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners Association
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New EARPA Structure

Since 2019, EARPA’s structure is arranged into 2 different branches: Foresight Groups (FGs) and Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs).

New EARPA Structure
Image: EARPA structure through time

The Foresight Groups are structured similar to EARPAs former Task Forces. Each is run by a dedicated Speaker and a Secretary and has an assigned member of the EAPRA Board for direct feedback to and from the Board. In addition, each FG has up to 5 technology experts. These experts amongst others support the moderation of the meetings, represent EARPA in external stakeholder groups or chair operative task teams or CRGs. All EAPRA members are welcome to join FGs as participants

Foresight Groups

Main objectives:

1)  Identifying and advocating EARPA priorities:

  • Technology road mapping with special focus on EARPA needs and working areas
  • Compilation and structuring of mid-/long-term RTD needs and outlook
  • Creation of EARPA roadmaps and position papers
  • Collection of input for EC research work programmes
  • Exchange of information and views with EC and related associations as well as other stakeholders

2)  Scouting of future opportunities for EARPA members:

  • Sharing information on relevant developments within the group’s thematic scope among members (EU events, activities of corresponding working groups in other associations etc.)
  • Identification of particular funding programmes/opportunities on EC level (and joint MS-level) as input to the Collaborative Research Groups

 Thematic focus areas of the Foresight Groups:

  1. Connectivity, automation and safety
  2. Energy, power trains and electrification
  3. New materials, production processes, novel vehicle concepts incl. NVH
  4. Future mobility of people and goods (MAAS, logistics, smart cities)
  5. Project Management

Collaborative Research Groups (CRG)

Main objectives

  • Reflection on submitted proposals
  • Information on on-going proposals              
  • Discussion on coming calls and drafting of new proposals, appointing proposal champions, collecting partners’ interests                           

The CRG's are selected/confirmed by the EAPRA Board prior to the Spring / Autumn Meetings according to the current H2020 / Horizon Europe work programme and other applicable funding programmes. The moderators are selected out of the technology experts assigned to the FGs by the SG. The selection is confirmed by the EAPRA Board. The open calls to be discussed within each CRG are distributed by the moderator via the Secretariat. In 2019, CRG's were established for the follwoning relevant calls: GV, ART, MG, LC BAT, FoF, NMBP, ICT, MSC, ECSEL.