EARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners AssociationEARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners Association
FORM Forum


Theme for 2023: ‘Transitioning Road Mobility - towards resilience and circularity in a digital world'

The FORM Forum brings together stakeholders from industry, academia and government to share knowledge and ideas, provide the next generation with a new era of automotive solutions whilst serving as a powerful motivator for the continued growth of the automotive industry and its contributors. 

To download the full programme in PDF: Earpa Form Forum 2023 Programme 20230922 (pdf | 715.49 KB) 

17th of October:
The EARPA internal part of the conference will start for EARPA members only.

08:0009:15Extraordinary General meeting 
09:3011:00 FG Mobility for People and Goods (MPG)
09:3011:00FG Collaboration and Project Management (CPM)
11:0011:30Coffee break
11:3013:00FG Powertrains and Energy Systems (PES)
11:3013:00FG Connectivity Automation Safety (CAS)
11:3013:00FG Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD)
14:0014:30Meet the Speakers
14:3016:00CRG Made in Europe (MiE)
14:3016:00CRG Zero Emission Road Transport (ZERT)+Renewable Energy (RES)+Impact of transport on environment and human health (THE)
16:0016:30Coffee break
16:0017:30CRG Connected Cooperative Automated Mobility (CCAM) + Safety (SAFE) + Multimodal and Sustainable Transport Systems for passengers and goods (MSTS)
16:0017:30CRG Batteries (BAT) 
18:3021:00EARPA External Networking dinner - 
for members and all partners in the industry, research and government.

18th of October
This day is open to the EARPA community including industry, research, government and representatives from the European Commission
The organizing committee has prepared an exciting plenary program with presentations from high-level speakers giving the latest insights and experiences, as well as young researchers presenting their novel research ideas! 

08:1509:00Registration, welcome coffee, visit exhibition
09:0009:15Welcome and introduction to the FORM Forum 2023: 
Transitioning Road Mobility
Christof Schernus, President EARPA
09:1509:45Keynote: In-vehicle battery durability Global Technical Regulation & Digital Passport in the Battery Regulation
Elena Paffumi, European Commission, Institute for Energy and Transport, Italy
09:4510:30Young Researcher Elevator Pitches

YR01 - Selection, fabrication, and testing of hybridized natural fibers and wooden material for sustainable lightweighting
Mohamad Abdallah, DLR

YR02 - Rare earth magnets circularity for improved reliability and sustainability in electric vehicle propulsion
Andres Sierra-Gonzalez, Tecnalia

YR03 - Towards reinforcement learning-based powertrains: from simulation to hardware for control development
Mario Picerno, RWTH Aachen University

YR04 - Developing multi-physical models to support decision making in electro-thermo-mechanical system
Arash M. Zadeh Fard, KU Leuven

YR05 - Solar-aided hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass for the production of future fuels
Charikleia A. Poravou, CERTH

YR06 - Navigating the  Simulation-to-Reality Gap: Developing a Validation Tool for Optimizing the Use of Simulation Data in AI Models
Mohamed Karim Belaid, Applus+IDIADA

YR07 - SymAware: A Symbolic Logic Framework for Safe Collaboration in Mixed Autonomy Systems
Ruohan Wang, Eindhoven University of Technology

YR08 - Transforming driver monitoring: a multi-task approach
Paola Natalia Cañas, Vicomtech

10:3010:55Coffee break & Exhibition
10:5511:00Awarding Young Research Prize
11:0011:30Keynote: Designing Automation: Enablers and Research Needs
Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Innovation
11:3012:30Technical presentations - part 1

Evaluation of real-world vehicle performance and emissions using on board data monitoring
Athanasios Dimaratos, Mechanical Engineer, Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT)

CCAM – managing the traffic into a roundabout
Elena Campi, Politecnico de Milano

Common strategies towards mobility data as a service
Michela Apruzzese, Unimore

12:3014:15Networking Lunch, Visit exhibition & poster session
13:3014:00Poster presentations
14:1515:15Panel discussion: Skills for Sustainability
Moderator: Margriet van Schijndel, Program Director Responsible Mobility, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Stefan Brindt, Global Vice President Human Resources,  FEV Group
  • Lucie Beaumel, Director, EGVIAfor2Zero - European Green Vehicles Initiative Association
  • Jakub Stolfa, President, Automotive Skills Alliance 
  • Wolfgang Inninger, Head of Project Center Traffic, Mobility and Environment, Fraunhofer IML
15:1516:15Technical presentations - part 2

Assessing the accuracy of a thermo-mechanical model of a gearbox 
Frank Naets KU Leuven

Manufacturing and assembly of modular and reusable EV battery for environment-friendly and lightweight mobility
Maria Violeta Vargas, Eurecat 

From design to on-road validation of an e-axle control system for third-generation electric vehicles
Eneko Otaola, Research Engineer, Tecnalia

16:1516:30Wrap-up and Close
Christof Schernus, President EARPA
16:4517:45Extended Board meeting