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FORM Forum

FORM Forum - Proceedings

We are pleased to present you with our 2016 FORM Forum conference proceedings. The agenda of the FORMForum can be found here. For an impression of the event, please have a look at our Flickr page.


Simon Edwards: Vision on the Future of Road Mobility (Presentation / Keynote)

Session 1

  1. Martijn de Kievit: The meaning of transportation in an urban context (Presentation)
  2. Alberto Peña: Powertrain 4.0 (Presentation)
  3. Bastiaan Krosse: The next level on connected automated driving (Presentation)


Technical papers and presentations part I

  1. Marko Häckel: Funding the Future: Do we need a Coherent Funding Strategy for Connected & Automated Driving (Presentation / Paper)
  2. Mario Reys: Assessment of Components Vulnerabilities in Unidentified Remote Access (Presentation / Paper)
  3. Vaclav Jirovsky: Design Principles of Post-Autonomous Vehicles (Presentation / Paper)
  4. Ming Chen: Anticipating EU transport sector governance (Presentation / Paper)
  5. Patrik Akerman (Presented by Hanah Huell): Designing and Demonstrating a System for Efficient and Sustainable Road Freight based on Dynamic Power Supply (Presentation / Paper)

Technical papers and presentations part II
  1. Ivo Cré: Building a Marketplace for new Mobility serviced in the Smart Vehicle (Presentation / Paper)
  2. José Manuel Martin: Manufacturing of Isotropic Bonded NdFeB Magnets from Gas Atomised Powders (Presentation / Paper)
  3. German Cabañero: Reworkable, Recyclable and Repairable Thermoset Epoxy Composites In Transportation Applications (Presentation / Paper)
  4. Nils Neumann: Winning the CO2 Challenge - Optimization of OEM Product Portfolios by Market Modeling (Presentation / Paper)
  5. Leonidas Ntziachristos: Potential of combined Vehicle Technology, Fuel and ICT measures in reducing CO2 Emissions from Road Transport by 2030 (Presentation / Paper)
Technical papers part III (not presented during the conference)
  1. Johannes Stein: Epsilon - Small Electric Passenger Vehicle with Maximized Safety and Integrating a Lightweight Oriented Novel Body Architecture

Papers of Young Researchers
  1. Ondrej Milacek
  2. Ondrej Bolehovsky 
  3. Lucas Van Belle
  4. Marcos Pillado
  5. Marina Roche
  6. Adriá Ferrer
  7. Philipp Wintersberger
  8. Alexander Dautfest
  9. Ashutosh Bahgurkar
  10. Martin Dendaluce

  1. Ibon Ocaña: Research Advanced for the Automotive Sector: Material Design, new Processing Technologies and Vision Assisted Manufacturing. 
  2. Bart Forrier: Model-Based Virtual Force Measurements on two industrial Cases
  3. Tyson Stewart: Real-World Drive Cycle Simulation