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EARPA Strategy 14 December 2021

Dear EARPA members,

Next year during the Autumn meeting, we will celebrate 20 Years of EARPA, a milestone worth celebrating. Some of you have been there for the full 20 years, others have joined rather recently. But regardless of when you joined and who you are, you all contributed to the EARPA that it is today.


As Executive Board, we have been starting to look at what EARPA can and will be in the next 20 years; what developments are happening, what does this mean for our vision on the Mobility of the Future and what role can and want EARPA play? During the recent FORM Forum meeting we have also been discussing this in the Foresight Groups and during the Extended Board meeting. The idea is not to change the whole working structure and philosophy of EARPA. But because of changes in EU policy, the current EU partnerships, lessons learned from and impact on mobility from the still ongoing COVID19 pandemic as well as the development of our members, finetuning of content, focus and representation might be in place.


With a small team we are preparing EAPRA’s vision on the Mobility of the Future so that we can decide on this next year. What are developments in society that impact mobility? What could and should we be working on? On what topics could we cooperate and what trends should we follow in order to stay relevant for future generations and our stakeholders? And how do we work together within EARPA, how do we connect to each other and how to involve all partners and ensure they are able to contribute to that ambition, to make our vision on Mobility of the Future real?


Shortly we will send out a short survey to gather input from all of our members. But if you already have questions, suggestions or brilliant ideas, please give me a call or send me an e-mail!


Kind regards,

On behalf of the Executive Board

Marcel Meeuwissen
Secretary General

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E-mobility: only 1 in 9 charging points in EU is fast 11 November 2021

In the ACEA press release is shown that only 1 out of 9 charging points for Electric Vehicle is fast. How fast do we need to make a transition towards Electric Mobility, for what purposes and services, what does it mean for the Electricity grid. A lot of follow-up questions to be answered together with our stakeholders.

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EARPA Foresight Group Connectivity, Automation, Safety (CAS) - New Position Paper 11 November 2021

The EARPA Foresight Group Connectivity, Automation, Safety (CAS) released a new Position Paper on using new tools and technologies supporting road safety and greening, and their interaction.

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EARPA Foresight Group Future Mobility of People and Goods (FMPG) - Resilience appendix Position Paper 11 November 2021

The EARPA Foresight Group Future Mobility of People and Goods (FMPG) released an annex to the Position Paper.

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NTNU info - HE mapping 24 September 2021

Through an extensive mapping exercise, we have matched our researchers' interests in the upcoming Horizon Europe calls, based on both their expertise and the industry relations they can bring to the bid.

The collected information has been resumed in a collection of brochures divided per Horizon Europe cluster. These documents are a way to highlight NTNU capabilities and allow everyone to know us with an extra level of detail. 

This does not mean that each document is covering every collaboration possibility that a complex multidisciplinary University of more than 7000 employees has. For this reason, the brochures are upated regularly by adding new researchers' profiles.

We invite readers of these documents to use our institutional entry points, like our Office in Brussels, in case they should not find an exact match in the presented information but remain keen to open a collaboration dialogue with our Research community.

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TRA 2022 - Two researchers competitions are open 09 June 2021

TRA VISIONS 2022 will host on 17th June 2021 an online promotional webinar for the Young Researcher Competition at 14:00 – 15:00 and the Senior Researcher Competition at 15:30 – 16:30. The webinars will present competitions rules, application processes and evaluation steps.

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EARPA welcomes 2 new members FACTUAL and PWT 05 May 2021

EARPA warmly welcomes 2 new EARPA members: FACTUAL based in Barcelona represented by Marti Jofre and POWERTECH Engineering S.r.l. (PWT) represented by Emanuele Servetto.

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2 new EARPA members: Uni.Lu and DLR 09 March 2021

EARPA is happy to announce that the German Aerospace Center - DLR and the University of Luxembourg joined us amongst our members. A very warm welcome! We are looking forward to a good collaboration.

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EARPA 2021 Partnersguide released 15 February 2021

We are proud to announce, that the new EARPA Partnersguide of 2021 is ready and available on our website. As usual, you can find it under "Publications" - just click on the respective picture.

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New EARPA Member: Vicomtech 30 November 2020

EARPA is happy to announce that Vicomtech joined us amongst our members. A very warm welcome! We are looking forward to a good collaboration.

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EGVIAfor2Zero membership 26 November 2020

EGVIAfor2Zero will focuses on technologies, concepts and solutions, with a goal of achieving a carbon neutral road transport system in Europe by 2050 in particular by focusing on Battery Electric Vehicles ( BEV) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) for all vehicle types, but also covering other types of solutions.

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Batteries European Partnership - membership information 25 November 2020

The Batteries European Partnership is an official candidate to Horizon Europe European partnerships. It is supported by four core associations (EMIRI, RECHARGE, EUCAR and EASE) and will gather - on the public side - the European Commission and - on the private side - all the interested stakeholders of the European battery community regrouped in a dedicated association: the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA). 

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Official launch of the Pact for Skills –Skills Partnership for the Automotive Ecosystem 23 November 2020

On October 15th, DRIVES project announced having joined a front movement from automotive stakeholders, contributing to establish and deploy a pact for skills for the automotive ecosystem, fully in line with the joint proposal to deliver and implement a sectorial up/reskilling framework for the workforce. 10 November, Commissioners Nicolas Schmit and Thierry Breton launched the Pact for Skills (P4S), which is considered a crucial component of the European Skills Agenda.

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Presentations - JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference 23 November 2020

Last week close to 500 participants from 40 countries joined the JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference to explore the projects in the exhibition area, contribute with their ideas, listen to panel discussions with representatives from among others cities, regions, the EU Green Deal and the Leipzig charter, and to together define the upcoming years priorities and challenges in urban transitions. The main focus of this Policy Conference ‘Stepping up the Game – Driving Urban Transitions’ was to introduce the longer-term programme Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT). 

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Presentations - 15th International A3PS Conference Eco-Mobility 2020 23 November 2020

During the 15th International A3PS Conference Eco-Mobility 2020, the impacts were discussed of different propulsion system solutions and the presentations provided in-depth information on latest developments and innovative strategies. Representatives from industry, R&D and technology policy reported on activities and strategies for the successful development and market introduction of efficient propulsion concepts and sustainable energy carriers.

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[Job offer] Head of Office for “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility” Association 23 November 2020

CCAM is a newly created European Association: it will support the new European Partnership on “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility”, which is established under the European research and innovation programme “Horizon Europe”. This Partnership is a new European initiative aiming at accelerating the development and implementation of new transport technologies and services: thanks to connectivity and automation, road vehicles and road transport will benefit from improved safety, decreased environmental impacts, and provide more efficient services for citizens. The CCAM Association is looking for a Head of Office to manage its activities.

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EARPA High Level Position Paper 2020 released 13 November 2020

We are very proud to announce that EARPA has released its new High Level Position Paper 2020. It is now available for download on our public website under 'Publications'. 

The EARPA member network contributes to establishing a new mobility system by research from low to high TRL’s, in close collaboration with actors from along the full value chain. Furthermore, many EARPA members play an active role in educating the engineers, economists, researchers and decision-makers of tomorrow with a strong orientation towards a sustainable future.

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EARPA sympathy to the families of the victims and those injured in the shootings in Vienna 04 November 2020

Dearest EARPA members located in Austria,

We are deeply shocked by the heinous attack in Vienna. We express our deepest sympathy and offer our condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this horrible act of hatred and intolerance. Our hearts go out to all of you, with hopes that you, your families and colleagues, are personally safe.

On behalf of the EARPA Board,

Best wishes,
Chantal Schoen 

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EARPA Young Researchers Pitch Competition 2020- Presentations 21 October 2020

With a great effort from the EARPA Organizing Team and the active participation of our members and EARPA guests during the event, this first online EARPA Young Research Pitch Competition was an absolute success! All the 11 selected Future Innovators gave it their all to make their online pitch of excellent quality.

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Timing of the first Horizon Europe calls 16 October 2020

update 4-11-2020. Hereby we like to share the following the timing of the first calls in Horizon Europe:

  • February 2021: finalization of the HEU Work Programme by the Commission. The documents will be informally shared with stakeholders 
  • March 2021: official publication WP
  • April 2021: opening of the calls 
  • Probably September 2021: deadline for submission 

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New EARPA Member: Politecnico di Torino 15 October 2020

EARPA is happy to announce that Politecnico di Torino joined us amongst our members. A very warm welcome! We are looking forward to a good collaboration.

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Annual EC Strategic Foresight Report 2020 17 September 2020

The 2020 European Commissions' Strategic Foresight Report shows that action-driven strategic foresight is uniquely suited to inform decision-makers to drive the twin transitions and strengthen the EU’s resilience. See also the video message of the Vice President of the EC, Maros Šefčovič.

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New EARPA Position Paper - Foresight Group FMPG released 20 August 2020

The EARPA Foresight Group on 'Future Mobility for People and Goods ' (FG FMPG) has released a new Position Paper. FG FMPG deals with the overall aspects, such as implementation and business models of the mobility of people and goods in our future society, based on the technological developments in other EARPA groups. The Position Paper is available on our website here

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EU budget 2021-2027 and recovery plan 12 August 2020

Meeting physically at a special summit in Brussels, on 21 July, the EU leaders agreed on an overall budget of €1824.3 billion. The new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) will cover seven years (2021-2027) and comprise an overall budget of €1,074.3 billion.

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New date - EARPA FORM Forum: 9-10 November 2021 24 July 2020

EARPA is happy to announce that the new date for the next edition of the FORM Forum has been set. We hope to meet you at the EGG in Brussels on November 09th, 2021 for the Networking Reception and Walking Dinner and November 10th, 2021 for the 3rd edition of the FORM Forum at the EGG in Brussels. More information will follow soon on our event website.

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New EARPA Position Paper - Foresight Group ICPD released 14 May 2020

The EARPA Foresight Group on 'Integrated and Connected Product Development and Production Processes' ICPD has released a new Position Paper with the title 'Integrated and Connected Product Development and Production Process for a sustainable Mobility'. The Position Paper is now available on our website here.

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Welcome at EARPA LinkedIn 13 May 2020

We keep our members and stakeholders informed about road mobility research throughout Europe on a regular basis. For this, we use our EARPA member newsletter, EARPA Twitter (@EARPA_) and now also EARPA LinkedIn (#earpa). Please feel free to also to follow us on LinkedIn.

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2 new EARPA Position Papers of Foresight Group CAS and EPE released 05 March 2020

The Foresight Groups CAS and EPE have released their first position papers. It is available on our intranet, as well as on our website in the section 'publications'. Hard copies were distributed during the EARPA Spring Meetings 2020. 

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EARPA Autumn Meetings - presentations and pictures online 22 October 2019

The presentations from the EARPA Autumn Conference “Regional mobility; connecting cities and their environment” held October 2nd, 2019 are now online on our website. The photos are available on our Flickr page.

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New EARPA Member - ABEE 05 September 2019

We are happy to welcome our latest EARPA member: Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering - ABEE. We are looking forward to a good collaboration, and welcome them to our association.

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New EARPA Member - LMU 28 June 2019

We are happy to welcome our latest EARPA member: LMU. We are looking forward to a good collaboration, and welcome them to our association.

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New EARPA member - IESTA 09 April 2019

We are happy to welcome our latest EARPA member: IESTA. We are looking forward to a good collaboration, and welcome them to our association.

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EARPA Spring Meetings - Photos online 14 March 2019

The photos of our 2019 EARPA Spring Meetings are now online on our Flickr Page.

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Task Force Logistics - new position paper released 06 March 2019

The EARPA Task Force on Logistics has published their latest position paper. It is available on our intranet, as well as on our website in the section 'publications'. Hard copies were distributed during the EARPA Spring Meetings 2019. The contents of this publication will also be fed into the work of the Foresight Group Future Mobility of People and Goods. Parts of the draft version also were used to provide inputs to the ERTRAC Roadmap on Long Distance Freight Transport

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FORM Forum - Conference Proceedings online 06 November 2018

The second edition of our FORM Forum titled "Research with Impact" was held 17th of October 2018 at the EGG, Brussels. We are pleased to present you with our conference proceedings on the FORM Forum website. For an impression of the event, please have a look at our Flickr page. We would like to make some further use of the artists’ impression of the day. Please don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions.

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TF ECS: New position paper released 28 September 2018

The EARPA task force on Electronic & Communication Systems (ECS) has published their new position paper. It is available on our intranet, as well as on our website in the section 'publications'. Printed versions of all recent position papers were handed out at the EARPA booth during the ITS World exhibition in Copenhagen.

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EARPA Position Paper on Horizon Europe 19 June 2018

Today, EARPA releases its position paper providing inputs to the discussion on Horizon Europe (formerly known as FP 9). The position paper is sent to stakeholders from the Commission and beyond. EARPA welcomes the discussion about the possible structure and content of the 9th Framework Programme, known as Horizon Europe. We would like to stress the importance of continued funding specifically in the mobility arena and particularly to support applied road transport research, that is between Technology Readiness Levels 3 and 5. The full paper can be found here.

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EARPA 2019 meetings - save the date 18 June 2018

In 2019, the EARPA Spring and Autumn Meetings will be held on March 5th and 6th as well as on October 1st and 2nd, respectively.

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GDPR - New privacy regulation and consequences 01 June 2018

As you are probably well aware, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced on May 25th. We have send you an email recently with a request to opt-in to confirm if you would still like to be part of our network. If you have not already done so, please opt-in with the link provided as we will otherwise need to delete your profile. 

We would again like to ensure you, that we always have and will continue to handle your personal data with utmost care. EARPA members can always review and edit their details on the intranet under “
Edit your profile”. For more information please also refer to our privacy policy here.

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Deadline extension EARPA FORM Forum - call for abstracts and call for young researchers 07 May 2018

We would like to inform you that we have extended the deadline for both the call for abstracts and the call for young researchers with 2 weeks. The new deadline is set to Wednesday, May 23rd. If you are interested in promoting your organization in the FORM Forum exhibition, you can still register as exhibitor until June 15th. Please have a look at the FORM Forum Website for all information related to this event and / or get in contact with Inge.

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ERTRAC publishes its new Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 01 May 2018

At the TRA conference in Vienna, ERTRAC published its new SRA. The document aims to provide solid inputs to the FP9 discussions. As such, it provides Innovation challenges and R&D topics for the timeframe 2020-2030. The document is structured in six chapters and provides long-term objectives for the improvement of road transport by 2050. These chapters are Urban Mobility, Energy & Environment, Long Distance Freight Transport, Connectivity and Automated Driving, Road Transport Safety & Security and Global Competitiveness. Several EARPA members have actively contributed to the SRA, in some cases even leading chapter developments.

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Three new EARPA position papers available 13 April 2018

The EARPA task forces on Safety, Hybrid Powertrains and Alternative Fuels as well as on EV Systems and Components have published new position papers. These are available on our intranet with the respective task force, as well as on our website in the section 'publications'. Printed versions of all recent position papers were handed out at the EARPA booth during the TRA exhibition.

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Visit the EARPA booth H03 at TRA 2018 09 April 2018

As in previous years, EARPA will also have a booth at the exhibition of the TRA2018 next week. We will be located at booth number H03 close to one of the hall A entrances and right next to the ERTRAC booth. The interactive floorplan of the exhibition can be found here. If you are visiting the TRA18, please feel free to drop by for a good cup of coffee and an interesting conversation.

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Twitter Feed @EARPA_ on the lower end of our homepage 17 January 2018

Many of you will have seen it already: Our Twitter feed is now also visible on our homepage. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see our latest tweets!

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EARPA Autumn Meetings - Presentations and Photos online 23 October 2017

The presentations held on this years EARPA Conference titled 'MaaS and DaaS - Automotive Development Game changers?' are now online and can be found here. Photos are available on our Flickr page here.

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Restructuring of TF HESC and ACEF 27 September 2017

EARPA needs to adapt itself, if not anticipate to the latest evolution of technologies, policies and trends. In this view, and after thorough internal discussions involving the EARPA Board, chairmen and vice-chairmen of TF HESC and ACEF, it has been decided to update the scope, contents and targets of these task forces towards a more efficient integration of resources.

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New EARPA member 06 September 2017

We are happy to announce, that EARPA has a new member: The University of West Bohemia. We are looking forward to a good collaboration, and welcome them to our association.

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PhD candidate vacancies PBNv2 project 14 August 2017

The general goal of PBNv2 is to support in next generation pass-by noise approaches allowing for quiet and safe vehicles. The aim is to provide specific and timely education of young researchers in this inter-/multidisciplinary field. PBNv2 is formed by 10 beneficiaries combining leading education institutes, top research institutions and leading companies as well as 7 partner organisations established in European automotive R&D, to assist in the dissemination and public engagement or PBNv2 results, and in providing dedicated training to enhance the entrepreneurial mind set of 14 ESRs.

Several PhD vacancies with several project partners, are available through the PBNv2 project. We kindly ask you to bring them to the attention of young researchers or students at your institute. You can find them here.

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3 New EARPA Position Papers released 01 November 2016

EARPA is pleased to announce the release of 3 new Position Papers:

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EARPA FORMForum proceedings 01 November 2016

The first EARPA FORMForum has been held on October 19th, 2016 at the EGG in Brussels. The proceedings (presentations as well as papers) are online now and can be found here. We have also uploaded photos of the event to our Flickr homepage here.

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New EARPA position papers on noise, vibration and harshness, fuels and logistics 16 March 2016

EARPA has published three new postion papers which state the different research needs, priorities & challenges for road transport, in the fields of noise, vibration and harshness, fuels and on logistics. You can download these papers below.

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EARPA Note on Automated and Connected Driving (IPCEI) 29 July 2015

The strategic importance of automated driving for the competitiveness of the European automotive
industry requires the joint effort of all stakeholders. EARPA would like to recommend establishing an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on “Automated and Connected Driving”. This framework would enable the build-up of significant industrial capacity in the context of automated and connected driving by initiating and harmonizing critical R&D effort.

See the document below for the full note of EARPA. 

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EARPA becomes a member of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) 24 June 2015

EARPA has been appointed as member of the STF, until 2020. The STF should help the Commission to advance the application of the Clean Power for Transport strategy. It shall assist the Commission in implementing the EU’s activities and programmes aimed at fostering the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure to contribute to the energy and climate goals. The STF will bring together Member States and alternative fuels industry stakeholders. 

EARPA will be represented in the STF by Mr Peter Prenninger (AVL) and Mr Gaetano de Paola (IFPEN). 

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New EARPA member: Brunel University London 24 June 2015

EARPA welcomes again a new member this year: the  Brunel University London. In automotive and power-train engineering Brunel has particular strengths in improving the fuel efficiency and reducing the running costs of existing engines using regenerative braking. Brunel also uses unique methodologies for the study of combustion and fuels which involve marrying experimental and modelling methods and the utilization of advanced optical diagnostics. Brunel has particular interests in developing efficient bio-fuel supply chains, as well as a number of novel technologies for manufacturing biofuel from industrial waste.

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Magazine Research EU about road safety 25 May 2015

In the magazine research EU a special feature about road safety has been published. Descriptions of projects I-GAME (organising the ‘Grand cooperative driving challenge’ in 2016) and HARKEN (Heart and respiration in-car embedded nonintrusive sensors) project.

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New EARPA member: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology 02 April 2015

EARPA welcomes again a new member this year: the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). LIST has been created on 1 January 2015 from public research centres Gabriel Lippmann and Henri Tudor. LIST has 630 employees and in the automotive field they perform research to tyre development, light metal casting, polymer and composite materials, windscreens, sensors, mechatronics, electronics and industrial equipment & automation (and more).

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New EARPA members: CIDETEC and University of Brighton 07 January 2015

EARPA welcomes two new members: CIDETEC from Spain and the University of Brighton from the UK! CIDETEC is specialised in materials (nanomaterials, biomaterials and sensors), surfaces (ceramic and metallic coatings, surface processing) and energy (batteries, fuel cells and materials for energy systems). The University of Brighton has a long history of automotive research delivered principally by the Centre for Automotive Engineering (CAE) and the Vetronics Research Centre (VRC).

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Project eVADER: final event (about improving the safety of quiet electric vehicles) 08 November 2014

eVADER is the reference EU project investigating the interior and exterior sound scape of electric vehicles for safe operation. Studies suggest that vehicles driven in electric mode are extremely quiet and represent a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists in traffic. Thus, the eVADER project defines solutions to warn vulnerable users of a nearby moving vehicle while providing means for heightening the awareness of drivers in critical situations.

After three years of research and development, eVADER is proud to present its final public workshop where end users will have an opportunity to assess the acoustic performance of a prototype based on a NISSAN Leaf vehicle integrating the eVADER technology.

The project team invites you to be part of this final workshop and to experience this new concept of Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS), which can constitute a source of technological inspiration for future development.

The Workshop will be held on 11th and 12th December 2014. On the first day of the event, the activities will be carried out in Applus+ IDIADA in Santa Oliva. This will include project presentations and demonstrations of the prototype vehicle in IDIADA’s facilities and proving ground. On the second day, the event will continue in Barcelona city where the attendants will have the opportunity to assess the prototype acoustic performance in a realistic environment

To register for the workshop, send an email to evader@idiada.com

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New EARPA member: University of Warwick 25 June 2014

EARPA welcomes a new member: the University of Warwick! This university is based in Coventry in the UK. The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is an academic department which is focussed on providing R&D to manufacturing and service organisations. WMG has more than 30 years' experience with the automotive industry.

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GO4SEM - Global Opportunities for small/medium enterprises in electro-mobility 03 April 2014

GO4SEM is aiming to support European automotive SME’s to enter global markets. Interested European SME or SME clusters willing to become part of the e-mobility SME community are welcome to register for the newsletter on the project website. There are also possibilities to join the project as an associated member. The EARPA member VUB coordinates this project.

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New chairman of the EARPA Task Force Logistics: Carlo van de Weijer 05 March 2014

Mr. Carlo van de Weijer of the Eindhoven University of Technology is chosen as the new chairman of the Task Force Logistics.

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Project PROS: first long-term road safety research roadmap published 05 February 2014

The PROS project was initiated by some EARPA members, based on a call text which was developed in discussion with representatives of TF Safety. It is a CSA striving to identify road safety research priorities for the coming years.

PROS has identified gaps in existing research and describes them with corresponding research topics, prioritised these topics and outlined a roadmap for the future of European road safety research. PROS recently launched its first newsletter: see below. All the PROS deliverables can be found on the PROS website. 

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EARPA Meetings October 2013: “Automotive RTD solving tomorrow’s Mobility Challenges” 03 October 2013

The EARPA Meetings have been a big succes this autumn. In the Task Force meetings the upcoming calls of Horizon 2020 have been discussed and these meetings were attended by 89 persons in total. The Reception and Walking Dinner were excellent moments to gather and network with important stakeholders, and especially our special guests from the European Commission: Liam Breslin, Pawel Stelmaszczyk and Wolfgang Hoefs. The Conference on the second day was attended by 125 persons and key note speeches were given by Manuela Soares of the European Commission and Thilo Bein on behalf of EARPA. 

We would like to thank everybody for their efforts for making this event a big success!

The presentations of the meetings will be uploaded as soon as these are released by the speakers, on the following location: http://www.earpa.eu/earpa/46/earpa_event_october_2013.htmlSee also all pictures taken at this event.

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EU Champions of Transport Research Competition 28 August 2013

The EU Champions of Transport Research Competition is an FP7 funded excellence award for leading surface transport researchers in European projects. It helps us to show how important and impactful surface transport research is. Applications will take the form of an impact statement (maximum 5 pages) of EU funded research in Surface Transport. The deadline for entries is 30 November 2013. This Competition will shortlist 10 leading researchers and announce a winner in Road, Rail, Waterborne and Cross-modal transport research as well as an overall winner. The awards will be presented at TRA 2014.

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Project ELVA, final results: three detailed virtual vehicle concepts 05 June 2013

After a deep investigation of technology options and customer expectations, the project team has developed and assessed three detailed virtual vehicle concepts. The results are proving their ability to meet customer requirements while exploiting the new freedom in design offered by the electric drivetrain. Among the project results is a EV architecture tool, which allows exploring potential architectures for electric vehicles of different sizes and purposes. See http://www.elva-project.eu/tool/Tool_Advance.php

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