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Date: 14 December 2021

Dear EARPA members,

Next year during the Autumn meeting, we will celebrate 20 Years of EARPA, a milestone worth celebrating. Some of you have been there for the full 20 years, others have joined rather recently. But regardless of when you joined and who you are, you all contributed to the EARPA that it is today.


As Executive Board, we have been starting to look at what EARPA can and will be in the next 20 years; what developments are happening, what does this mean for our vision on the Mobility of the Future and what role can and want EARPA play? During the recent FORM Forum meeting we have also been discussing this in the Foresight Groups and during the Extended Board meeting. The idea is not to change the whole working structure and philosophy of EARPA. But because of changes in EU policy, the current EU partnerships, lessons learned from and impact on mobility from the still ongoing COVID19 pandemic as well as the development of our members, finetuning of content, focus and representation might be in place.


With a small team we are preparing EAPRA’s vision on the Mobility of the Future so that we can decide on this next year. What are developments in society that impact mobility? What could and should we be working on? On what topics could we cooperate and what trends should we follow in order to stay relevant for future generations and our stakeholders? And how do we work together within EARPA, how do we connect to each other and how to involve all partners and ensure they are able to contribute to that ambition, to make our vision on Mobility of the Future real?


Shortly we will send out a short survey to gather input from all of our members. But if you already have questions, suggestions or brilliant ideas, please give me a call or send me an e-mail!


Kind regards,

On behalf of the Executive Board

Marcel Meeuwissen
Secretary General

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