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Batteries European Partnership - membership information

Date: 27 November 2020

The Batteries European Partnership is an official candidate to Horizon Europe European partnerships. It is supported by four core associations (EMIRI, RECHARGE, EUCAR and EASE) and will gather - on the public side - the European Commission and - on the private side - all the interested stakeholders of the European battery community regrouped in a dedicated association: the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA). 

The main missions of the BEPA will be:

  • to provide recommendations for calls for proposals supported within the specific parts of the Horizon Europe Work Programmes related to batteries;
  • to implement and regularly update the commonly agreed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for batteries;
  • to support and oversee the portfolio of projects funded under the Partnership Work Programmes.
  • but also to create and reinforce networks between the battery, RTOs, universities and other organisations, and ensure synergies with other European Partnerships and initiatives;
  • and to support the development of EU regulations on battery standards, safety, and sustainability and actively promote and monitor innovation uptake in the market.

Since early November 2020, the application process has started to become a member of the Batteries European Partnership.

The first Statutory General Assembly of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) is scheduled on Monday, 14 December from 9:30 to 12:30. Main objectives of this first General Assembly will be to review and validate the Articles of the Association, to elect the representatives of the Governing Bodies as well as to approve the 2021 budget and schedule of membership fees. 

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