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[Job offer] Head of Office for “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility” Association

Date: 25 November 2020

CCAM is a newly created European Association: it will support the new European Partnership on “Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility”, which is established under the European research and innovation programme “Horizon Europe”. This Partnership is a new European initiative aiming at accelerating the development and implementation of new transport technologies and services: thanks to connectivity and automation, road vehicles and road transport will benefit from improved safety, decreased environmental impacts, and provide more efficient services for citizens. The CCAM Association is looking for a Head of Office to manage its activities.

The tasks will include:

- Daily management of the association: contacts with the members, organisation of meetings and workshops, preparation of documents, secretariat work, etc.

- Regular contacts with European institutions: in particular with the services of the European Commission in charge of the CCAM Partnership.

- Communications activities: organisation of public workshops and conferences, follow-up of website and social media, the publication of brochures, follow-up of related European projects, etc.

The position requires the ability to deal with multiple and diverse tasks, and a good networking capacity to exchange with the many actors involved: the members of the association (from industry, research institutes, universities, etc.), the European Commission services, and other Brussels-based European associations. The following background is required:

- At least 5 years of professional experience

- Knowledge and experience of the European institutions

- Experience in networking, events, and communication tools

- Fluency in English (the association working language) and working level in French (to deal with the Belgian administration and contractors)

The following background will be considered as assets:

- Experience of the European Programme for Research and Innovation, e.g. participation in projects

- Experience in the automotive, road transport and mobility sectors

- Knowledge in the field of the CCAM Partnership (Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility)


The office of the CCAM Association will be located in Brussels together with the office of the European platform ERTRAC, and of EGVIA, the association in charge of the European Partnership on Green Vehicles. The Head of Office will independently manage the CCAM Association but will coordinate and work in synergies with ERTRAC and EGVIA.

Start of position: early/spring 2021

Duration: undetermined. With 3 months test period.

Salary level: about 2.000€ net / month


Please send a CV and a motivation letter to Xavier Aertsens, Director of ERTRAC, at: xavier.aertsens@ertrac.org


Deadline for application: 3 January 2021

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