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Restructuring of TF HESC and ACEF

Date: 27 September 2017

EARPA needs to adapt itself, if not anticipate to the latest evolution of technologies, policies and trends. In this view, and after thorough internal discussions involving the EARPA Board, chairmen and vice-chairmen of TF HESC and ACEF, it has been decided to update the scope, contents and targets of these task forces towards a more efficient integration of resources.

As a result, two new task forces emerge with scope roughly depicted in the mostly self-explanatory scheme below.

In few words, the new EVSC TF (EV Systems and Components) will focus in whatever is related to the electric vehicle and electric components, with special focus on the pure EV, and the new HyPF (Hybrid Powertrains and Alternative Fuels) will focus in whatever is related to fuels, ICE and hybrid architectures.

During the forthcoming 2017 Autumn meetings we will have the opportunity to discuss and fine-tune this new structure with your contributions. For the time being, any comment that you might have will be more than welcome.

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