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PhD candidate vacancies PBNv2 project

Date: 14 August 2017

The general goal of PBNv2 is to support in next generation pass-by noise approaches allowing for quiet and safe vehicles. The aim is to provide specific and timely education of young researchers in this inter-/multidisciplinary field. PBNv2 is formed by 10 beneficiaries combining leading education institutes, top research institutions and leading companies as well as 7 partner organisations established in European automotive R&D, to assist in the dissemination and public engagement or PBNv2 results, and in providing dedicated training to enhance the entrepreneurial mind set of 14 ESRs.

Several PhD vacancies with several project partners, are available through the PBNv2 project. We kindly ask you to bring them to the attention of young researchers or students at your institute. You can find them here.

More information: Visit website

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