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Project Developing the next generation of batteries


The scientific and technical activities of FiveVB are streamlined towards an overall common objective, with each activity being a vital contribution to this goal. The size of the project suggests a rather flat organizational structure with only few layers as well as vertically and horizontally distributed responsibilities.

To overcome the shortage of sustainable cell suppliers, the FiveVB project will support industrial upscale processing and technology especially for Li-Ion cell production. Since key automotive players are also involved in this project (BMW, Bosch and AVL) it is secured that automotive requirements and development processes are already considered in the very early development phases. Simultaneous engineering and a “value chain round table” will be unique methods to support the material and cell development process.

The FiveVB consortium, comprising key players from industry and academia and from materials to passenger cars, represents the whole value chain that is required for the development and industrialization of Lithium Ion cells and batteries. The participating industry partners are already very successful in their respective markets. With these unique capabilities, market and technology knowledge, FiveVB is able to choose the right cell material composition for successful cell chemistry, not only from technical feasibility, but also from later success on the market point-of-view

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