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Project range of cost-effective, energy efficient and comfortable Electric L-category Vehicles


RESOLVE project aims at enabling the development of a range of cost-effective, energy efficient and comfortable ELVs (Electric L-category Vehicles) that will primarily attract ICE car drivers to switch to ELVs for daily urban commutes.

EU cities are increasingly congested due to the demand and usage of motor vehicles that result in emissions and noise levels increase and scarcer parking, affecting the quality of life and health of city-dwellers.

To tackle such problems, European-wide emission targets are becoming stricter and urban mobility plans are being drawn. Future scenarios for EU urban areas see a modal shift in personal mobility from cars to lighter, smaller, more specialised and environmentally friendly alternatives.

RESOLVE Project aims at making Electric Light Vehicles (ELVs) a practical alternative to cars for urban travel needs, encouraging commuters to switch to narrow-track ELVs (2 and 3 wheelers as well as light quadricycles).

Project Details

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Funding Program:H2020