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Project Efficient Urban Light Vehicles


Future urban mobility calls for more space for people and less space for cars as well as for environmentally compatible vehicle concepts, saving resources and minimizing local noise and air pollutant emissions. Motor vehicles in the L-category already offer an interesting complementary solution to public transport, walking and cycling. Yet, at present, L-category vehicles are still not sufficiently attractive to end users due to their relatively high prices.

EU-LIVE, a European R&D project funded by Horizon 2020, will provide a solution covering a wide range of L-category vehicles i.e. a comprehensive platform for the next generation of electrified, cost- and energy-efficient light urban vehicles. It will enable economies of scale by providing modular powertrains as well as bodies and an integrated co-simulation platform. Thus, EU-LIVE will enhance the competitive position of the export-oriented European vehicle industry and make an important contribution to a sustainable future mobility system.

The EU-LIVE project is carried out by an international consortium with comprehensive expertise in the areas related to vehicle research and development. The know-how of this interdisciplinary think-tank ensures the sustainable market exploitation of the project results.

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