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Project Proactive Safety for Pedestrian and Cyclists


The overall PROSPECT objective is to provide a better understanding of VRU-related accidents and to develop, demonstrate and test innovative, (pro) active safety systems for protecting VRUs. The project will cover the entire spectrum of in-depth accident analysis, naturalistic observations, sensor processing, modelling and situation analysis, human-machine interface (HMI), driver warning and vehicle control, testing equipment, functional tests, user acceptance, and benefit / effectiveness estimation. Concepts will be developed by means of both simulation and physical prototypes. The project will pursue an integrated approach: In-depth accident analysis and naturalistic observation studies in multiple European countries will be used to gain improved understanding of VRU-related accidents. This knowledge will be used to tailor effective sensor processing, Human Machine Interface (HMI), driver warning and vehicle control strategies to be integrated in simulators and vehicle demonstrators. These demonstrators will in turn be used in functional and user acceptance tests. Tests will be performed in realistic traffic conditions and with novel dummy specimen, where the insights from the earlier in-depth accident analysis and naturalistic observation studies are again utilized. Test procedures will be proposed to Euro NCAP and the test results will be used for benefit estimation.

To achieve the overall goal of VRU accident and injury reduction, PROSPECT targets five key objectives across multiple domains:

OBJ1:     Better understanding of relevant VRU accident scenarios (combining multiple European accident studies with urban naturalistic observations)

OBJ2:     Improved VRU sensing and situational analysis (enlarged sensor coverage; earlier and more robust detection; sophisticated path prediction and intent recognition)

OBJ3:     Advanced HMI and vehicle control strategies (combined vehicle steering and braking for collision avoidance)

OBJ4:     Four vehicle demonstrators, one transportable mobile driving simulator and realistic VRU dummy specimen provided by leading EU industry partners for validation and effectiveness analysis

OBJ5:     Testing in realistic traffic scenarios, system performance assessment of the novel VRU active safety functions and user acceptance study (modelling and analysis)

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Funding Program:H2020