EARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners AssociationEARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners Association

Foresight Group Powertrains and Energy Systems

Foresight Group PES is supporting the continuous development and integration of clean and efficient electrified powertrains as well as powertrains working on alternative fuels with a holistic view on the EU energy system.

Position Paper

EARPA Position Paper - Research needs on Energy, Powertrains and Electrification   (March 2021)

EARPA Postition Paper - FG EPE - Clarification on "ZERO" emissions   (November 2021)

EARPA Position Paper - Green Hydrogen in Automotive Road Transport   (November 2021)

EARPA HL Position Paper - LCA   (May 2022)


Speaker:Bernhard Brandstätter (Virtual Vehicle)
Inffeldgasse 21/A
A-8010 Graz
Telephone: +43 (0)664 267 8170
Secretary:Marco Mammetti (Applus+ IDIADA)
Participating Members:ABEE, AIT, AVL, Applus+ IDIADA, CEA, CERTH, CIDETEC, CMT, Chalmers, Czech Technical University in Prague, DLR, EARPA, EURECAT, Eindhoven University of Technology, FEV, Ghent University, IAV, IFPEN, IKA, INEGI, KU Leuven, LAT - Aristotle University Thessaloniki, MOBI - Electromobility research centre, Mondragon University, POLITO, PWT, RISE, Siemens Industry Software NV, THI, TNO, Tecnalia, UWB, University of Ljubljana, Virtual Vehicle