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Mosaic Factor SL


Type of Organisation: SME
Origin Country:Spain
Contact:Stefano Persi
Tel.: +34 677 600 963


MOSAIC FACTOR is a fully independent SME focusing on trustworthy DATATECH and AI for mobility and logistics. The company has been funded in 2016 and since then has been involved in 14 collaborative R&D projects, mostly belonging to H2020 and HE, some at national/regional level. The activity on HE focuses mostly on CLUSTER 5, addressing EV, CCAM, logistics and mobility topics, always with a clear priority on developing and specialising data driven solutions. The leading team has been involved in EU funding since FP7, often coordinating proposals, including as Mosaic Factor, even if the official coordinator is usually a more established entity. Myself, the CEO of Mosaic Factor, I previously worked in the automotive field at product level, responsible for the ECU implementing the diesel injection control of different European and Asian OEMs at Delphi Diesel Systems in France.
Mosaic Factor already engages in local and European association such as IN-MOVE by Railgrup (intermodal transport), Cluster Digital of Catalonia (ICT), BDVA – Big Data Value Association (on big data, in charge of the mobility and logistics subgroup), ALICE (ETP on multimodal logistics) and CCAM.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

IMOVE (723314 – https://www.imove-project.eu/)
The overall objective of the IMOVE project is to accelerate the deployment and unlock the scalability of MaaS schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a “roaming” service for MaaS users at the European level. MOSAIC leads the Living Lab work package and has a strong position in the software enablers development and data analytics.

eChargeForDrivers (875131 - https://echarge4drivers.eu/)eCharge4Drivers works to improve the Electric-Vehicle charging experience in urban areas and on interurban corridors, making it more convenient for users to go green! The project will demonstrate additional convenient charging options within cities, a mobile charging service, charge points at lamp posts, networks of battery swapping stations for Light Electric Vehicles and a transportable charging station service to cover temporary needs.

NeMo (713794 – https://nemo-emobility.eu/)
The vision of NeMo is to create a Hyper-Network of new and existing tools, models and services, which will provide seamless interoperability of electromobility services, creating an open, distributed and widely accepted ecosystem for electromobility. NeMo aims at bringing the successful interoperability paradigm of seamless roaming (as in mobile telecommunications) into the domain of electromobility services, paving the way for a Pan-European eRoaming framework.

INCLUSION (770115 – http://www.h2020-inclusion.eu/)
The main objective of the INCLUSION project is to understand, assess and evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of transport solutions in European prioritised areas, to identify gaps and unmet needs, propose and experiment with a range of innovative and transferable solutions, including ICT-enabled elements, ensuring accessible, inclusive and equitable conditions for all and especially vulnerable user categories.

Mobility Insider
The overall objective of Mobility Insider is to provide a prediction and optimization tool to improve the use of the fleet of buses in Aveiro, Portugal. The final goal is to minimize the fuel consumption – and therefore CO2 emission and related costs- and at the same time, fulfilling the needs of the predicted occupation of the buses and considering the available vehicles in the fleet.

PIONEERS (101037564 -https://pioneers-ports.eu)
PIONEERS brings together four ports with shared commitments towards meeting Green Deal goals and BlueGrowth socio-economic aims, in order to address the challenge for European ports of reducing GHG emissions while remaining competitive. Focusing in four main pillars: clean energy production and supply, sustainable port design, modal shift and flows optimization, and digital transformation. The goal is to promote modal shift of passengers and freight, ensure optimised vehicle, vessel and container movements and
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allocations, and facilitate vehicle automation using AI and 5G technologies. These processes will inform and be undertaken in parallel with masterplan development and refinement, providing a Master Plan and roadmap for energy transition at the PIONEERS ports, and handbook to guide green port planning and implementation for different typologies of ports across Europe.

ANEM (Catalan funded project)
ANEM aims to unblock the existing barriers for data sharing in the mobility environment by creating a synthetic data generator using last generation models and techniques, also taking into account cybersecurity threats. The synthetic data generator will generate high quality synthetic data guaranteeing also the privacy. Mosaic’s objective is to provide this technology both to private organisations and public bodies.