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ABEE – Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering


Type of Organisation: SME
Origin Country:Belgium
Contact:Dr. Noshin Omar
Tel.: +32 486 99 74 51


Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) Group is a dynamic engineering company, established in January 2019 based on the expertise and competences of several experts from different countries that were committed to support the European battery value chain.
ABEE is active in the field of conventional lithium-ion, advanced lithium-ion and solid-state batteries:

- Battery material processing,
- Coating technologies and in particular for lithium metal,
- Upscaling,
- Interface optimization
- Advanced characterization and testing
- Safety analysis
- Cell design and prototyping up to 20Ah in pouch and hard prismatic formats
-  Advanced multiscale modeling,
- Thermal management components development such as cooling plates,
- Module and battery pack design and prototyping.

The R&D activities of ABEE are between TRL 3-8 and are related to the automotive and stationary applications.

In addition, ABEE daughter company called ‘Modern Development Technologies Co’ in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, is supporting the industry with all related renewable applications from feasibility studies to
implementation. In this regard, the green hydrogen is one of the key technologies that is considered from renewable (solar) for automotive industry.

ABEE has state of the art battery manufacturing infrastructures (up to 20Ah cells) and battery system design platforms. In this regard, ABEE has the state of the art electrode processing pilot line for advanced Li-ion, solid state batteries (oxide and sulfide) and innovative solutions for LiM coating. ABEE pilot line is integrated within an unique dry room of 150m2 with dew point at -60°C. Further, ABEE has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence techniques and state estimations for batteries.

As an engineering company active in the value chain of the battery, ABEE is member of EMIRI (Energy Material Industrial Research Initiative), AGORIA Belgium and soon it will become member of European Battery Alliance.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

In terms of EU research is already involved in the following projects:
-  LONGRUN (LC-GV-04-2019)
-  CofBAT (LC-BAT-02-2019)
-  LiPlanet (LC-BAT-07-2020)

Dr. Noshin Omar (CEO ABEE) contributed during the last 8 years to more than 23 EU projects such as SuperLiB, CEVOLVER, SELFIE, GHOST, ASSURED, ORCA, FITGEN, ACHILLES, UPSCALE or VISION-xEV. In this regard, he coordinated number of EU projects such as ASSURED, ACHILLES, SELFIE and EU cluster (E-VOLVE) that he organized in the framework of LC-GV-01-2018. Furthermore, ABEE is an active partner in the upcoming calls 2020 and in particular in Green Vehicles and Battery calls.