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Fundación CIDETEC


Type of Organisation: R&D company
Origin Country:Spain
Contact:Germán Cabañero
Tel.: +34 943 309 022


CIDETEC is a Technological Centre founded in 1997 whose goal is to contribute value to companies by means of capturing, generating and transferring technological knowledge.

CIDETEC is a member of the IK4 alliance and works in three areas:

• Surface Engineering

• Energy Storage

• Nanomedicine

The Centre’s fundamental mission is to increase companies’ capacity for innovation and competitiveness, working as a strategic ally of their customers, helping them define their innovation strategies and generating knowledge and technological solutions that add value to them.

CIDETEC has one of the most advanced laboratories in Europe for the characterization of materials for energy and a pilot plant for the integral manufacturing of batteries, equipment for synthesizing, characterizing and processing of advanced polymers and composites. These labs are fully equipped for the study, characterization and treatment of surfaces, and 150 m2 of classified rooms prepared for the manufacturing of products for the biopharmaceutical sector in accordance with GMP standards.

Throughout 2017 CIDETEC will see the completion of the construction of a new building that will add to the facilities available today. This new building will provide an additional 4,000 m2 where work related to Surface Engineering will be developed and hence will turn CIDETEC into one of the key centres in Europe aimed specifically at this technological area.

In this way, 14,000 m2 of facilities will be reached with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that will allow us to approach the entire value chain, from scientific-technological research, to the generation of new knowledge, all the way up to industrial scale-up.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

CIDETEC’s work has been particularly strong in the European Union Framework Programme for research and innovation, which has resulted in the participation in 34 projects of the FP7, leading 8 of them. This activity is followed up in the current Programme, Horizon2020, within which CIDETEC participates in 16 projects, leading 4 of them.

  • GREENLION: advanced manufacturing processes for low cost greener Li-ion batteries.
  • MARS-EV: materials for ageing resistant Li-ion.
  • MAT4BAT: advanced materials for batteries.
  • SCAIL UP: Al plating process from ILs.
  • ADDNANO: nano-based processes for lubricants.
  • SHINE: self-healing innovative elastomers.
  • eCAIMAN: electrolyte, cathode and anode improvements for market-near next-generation Li-ion batteries.
  • SPICY: silicon and polyanionic chemistries and architectures of Li-ion cell.
  • ECOGEL CRONOS: high productivity manufacturing process of composite parts.
  • ECOXY: bio-based recyclable, reshapable and repairable (3R) fibre-reinforced epoxy composites.
  • INTEGRAL: initiative to bring the 2nd generation of thermoelectric generators into industrial reality