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Siemens Industry Software NV


Type of Organisation: R&D company
Origin Country:Belgium
Contact:Mr. Herman Van Der Auweraer
Tel.: +32 16 384200


Siemens Industry Software originated as LMS International, one of the first spin-offs of KU Leuven. Starting 2013, LMS has become part of Siemens where it constitutes the Simulation and Test Solutions segment of Siemens PLM Software.

Siemens Industry Software delivers an unique combination of virtual simulation software, testing systems and engineering services. We are focused on the mission critical performance attributes in key manufacturing industries: from structural integrity and system dynamics to safety and sound quality. Our solutions cover the complete product design process, from benchmarking, target setting, functional and concept modelling, to detailed CAE analysis, multi-attribute optimization and physical prototype refinement.

LMS Virtual.Lab offers an integrated software suite to simulate and optimize mechanical systems in terms of structural integrity, noise and vibration, durability, system dynamics, ride and handling as well as other attributes. Using LMS Virtual.Lab, engineering teams can quickly and effectively analyse a multitude of design options, and drive major design choices from the perspective of key performance attributes.

LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim simplifies multi-domain integration thanks to its easy-to-use simulation platform for predicting multi-disciplinary system performance. Thanks to application-specific simulation libraries, engineers can assess a variety of subsystems in multiple physical domains. This way design and engineering teams can carefully balance product performance according to various brand-critical attributes to achieve the best possible design way before committing to expensive and time-consuming prototype testing.

LMS Test.Lab is a complete solution for test-based engineering combining high-speed multichannel data acquisition with a suite of integrated testing, analysis, and report generation tools. LMS Test.Lab is designed to make testing more efficient and more convenient for the users.

LMS Engineering has been supporting leading companies in deploying new technologies for optimizing their development processes and engineering of innovative products for over 25 years. LMS Engineering services offers a unique combination of engineering skills, development experience, and process know-how that spans the complete product development cycle.

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

Siemens Industry Software is involved in the following EU projects:

- FP7 eVADER: Warning sound and system design for electric vehicle safety
- FP7 ASTERICS: Advanced energy simulation & testing for innovative electric vehicle systems 
- FP7 ARMEVA: Advanced reluctance motors for electric vehicle application
- FP7 IDEALVENT: Optimal design of ventilation systems
- FP7 IMPROVE: Integration & Management of Performance and Road Efficiency of Electric Vehicle Electronics
- FP7 TOICA: Aircraft Thermal Design
- FP7 CRESCENDO: Collaborative aircraft engineering using simulation, enabling next design optimisation
- JTI Clean Sky GRC: Green RotorCraft, EHWAZ (thermal analysis avionic harnesses)
- FP7 IST Projects: EMBOCON (Model predictive control), ESTOMAD (Energy optimization software platform)
- ITEA2 Project MODRIO (Model based system design), ARTEMIS Project DEWI (Wireless sensing)

There is a strong portfolio of regional and national level projects and collaborative programs for Transport, Aerospace and ICT related research (IWT Vlaanderen, Flanders DRIVE, Mov'eo, PREDIT, RNTL....).