EARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners AssociationEARPA: European Automotive Researsch Partners Association



Type of Organisation: Research institute
Origin Country:Spain
Contact:Mr. Ibon Ocaña
Tel.: +34943 212800


CEIT-IK4 is a private multidisciplinary non-profit RTO closely connected to TECNUN, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Spain). Its mission is to provide the industry with services through the development of technical research projects and to form young researchers and PhD students.

CEIT-IK4 promotes excellence in applied research by publishing non confidential results and participating in scientific and technical forums. This RTO also has a comprehensive doctoral teaching program in the industrial area. CEIT-IK4 also promotes high added value solutions through research projects and by training young researchers within a commercially productive framework.

CEIT-IK4 consists of three departments (Materials, Applied Mechanics, and Electronics and Communications) and three R&D Units (Microelectronics and Microsystems, Environmental Engineering and Biomedical Engineering).

IK4 Alliance sums the capacities of the nine RTO members, providing the alliance with the flexibility to adapt to the characteristics of any company. IK4 is a benchmark on the European scene and is among the continent's main private, scientific and technological corporations.

In the automotive industrial sector, our main capabilities are:

  • Power electronics, electromagnetics machines and energy storage and management systems
  • Materials and processes for automotive applications
  • Automotive embedded systems
  • Automotive and traffic simulators
  • Software tools for automotive applications
  • Mechanical design, noise & vibration, vehicle dynamics and haptics
  • Advanced MEMS for automotive industry

Participation in EU Projects and International Activities

CEIT-IK4 has been involved in fifteen FP6 projects, having the role of coordinator in two of them: DELILA (FP6 STREP) and INTERFACE (FP6 STREP). Moreover, CEIT-IK4, has also participated in thirty-one FP7 projects, having the role of coordinator in ten of them: CONFIDENCE - Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living, HESCAP –New Generation, High Energy and Power Density Supercapacitor Based Energy Storage System, TREND - Test of Rolling Stock Electromagnetic Compatibility for cross-Domain interoperability, HEMIS - Electrical powertrain Health Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs, E3NETWORK - Energy Efficient E-band transceiver for backhaul of the future networks, ECUC - Eddy-Current brake Compatibility, EATS - ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System, WILDCRAFT - Wireless smart Distributed end system for aircraft, RORC - Rolled-Only IN718 Ring-shaped Components, NESMONIC – Net shape Hot Isostatic Pressing of IN718. 

CEIT-IK4 also coordinates one CIP ECOINNOVATION project (ARTICA4nr) and has also participated in thirteen Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) projects having the role of coordinator in two of them: PACROLP-II and OPTIBOS.

Besides, at the moment CEIT-IK4 is involved in two H2020 projects (EUROFUSION - EURATOM Programme and ERSAT-EAV- ERTMS on SATELLITE – Enabling Application Validation).